Transformer Site Services

To save Canadian institutional, industrial and commercial businesses valuable time and money, Aevitas provides transformer site services. Our transformer site service technicians are fully equipped to service any type of PCB contaminated, or non-PCB transformer, including perchloroethylene PCB transformers, pure PCB (askarel) transformers, mineral oil transformers and silicone fluid transformers. Our Ministry of the Environment (MOE) certified environmental services facility treats and refines used transformer oil to eradicate all PCB content or other forms of contamination, so that it can safely be disposed of, or rendered into new transformer oil for Canadian reuse or re-sale. Our company’s transformer site services include:

Transformer draining

Whether your transformer contains small or large quantities of transformer oil, we offer complete environmental protection. Our portable "spill containment berm" enables our transportation service vehicles’ full volume to be contained should an emergency spill or rupture occur while providing our transformer draining service.

Transformer degasification

Dissolved moisture and gases in transformer oil can cause arcing, corona discharges andoverheating, reduce the efficiency of your transformer, and affect its insulating strength. Aevitas’ transformer degasification service will extract dissolved gases and moisture from your transformer oil, helping to prevent these issues from occurring, and prolonging the life and service of your transformer.

Transformer retro-filling

Retrofilling the oil in a transformer is a great way of reducing PCB contamination. During our company’s PCB transformer retrofill process, transformer oil is drained from your transformer, then it is flushed and refilled with new insulating oil. During the refilling stage our company will degasify the oil and vacuum fill the equipment. Flushing the equipment is critical to the process in order to eliminate internal surfaces of PCB contaminants, and to remove sludge build-up from the transformer. We can use your oil, or provide insulating oil that meets the demands of your unique application. Our transformer site service experts can help you choose the best transformer oil for your needs: naphthenic based or new paraffinic oil, silicone fluid, or new MODEF 60 transformer oil. To learn more about our MODEF60 transformer oil, please visit:

Transformer oil storage

Our company owns and operates a geosynthetic membrane, concrete contained transformer oil tank farm for temporary or long-term transformer oil storage.

Transformer dismantling

Our organization offers our Canadian institutional, commercial and industrial clients transformer dismantling services that will save them the trouble of removing and recycling their unwanted or unused transformers themselves. Our safe and reliable transformer dismantling services are suitable for both small and large size transformers.

Transformer oil transportation

Our fleet of transformer oil trucks and tankers can securely transport any quantity of containerized or bulk transformer oil to or from your facility.

Please contact our environmental services team of specialists to learn more about our transformer site services, our other on-site environmental services, or our Ontario wastewater treatment services.

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