Sludge / Solid Fixation

As a part of our wastewater treatment offerings, we provide sludge / solid fixation services, a process which, when applied to stabilized or conditioned sludge, immobilizes contaminants so that wastewater can be safely disposed of. Our sludge / solid fixation services are used in a wide range of industries from manufacturing to oil refinery, and especially those industries that generate wastewater sludge containing high amounts of hazardous materials, chemicals and other toxic compounds. Our sludge / solid fixation process not only converts wastewater contaminants to non-reactive, stable compounds, but also prevents harmful contaminants from leaching underground and potentially cause contamination to underground water sources. Once our wastewater sludge / solid fixation treatment is complete, the stabilized waste is safely transported for proper disposal. To learn how our sludge / solid fixation wastewater treatment process can help your company, give us a call. Feel free to ask our wastewater treatment experts about our other wastewater treatment services, or our Ontario hazardous waste services too.

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