Institutional Waste Management

Trust the waste disposal experts at Aevitas to make it easier to manage your institutional waste. A wide range of institutional organizations depend on us for all of their institutional waste management needs, including schools, health care facilities, security services, government facilities and emergency services. We offer a variety of institutional waste management services:

  • Electrical equipment recycling (transformers / switches)
  • Site remediation (PCB storage / mercury contamination)
  • Asset recovery (used equipment / surplus materials)
  • Hazardous waste disposal (paints / solvents/ other liquid waste)
  • Regulated waste disposal (soils / oils)
  • Electrical equipment disposal
  • Assured destruction (end-of-life product / seized materials)
  • Mercury recovery (spill clean-up / mercury bearing devices)
  • Wastewater treatment (cooling tower maintenance / sump cleaning)
  • Transportation services (full array of specialized vehicles)
  • Analytical & testing services (waste characterization / TCLP)
  • Lab pack services (miscellaneous chemicals / lab solvents)
  • Lamp recycling (mercury and non-mercury bulbs / fixtures)
  • Recycle by mail (prepaid recycling program)
  • Battery recycling (large or small / wet or dry)

Contact our company to learn more about our institutional waste management services, our Ontario hazardous waste disposal services, or our other waste disposal services.

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