Environmental Services

We are Canada’s leading environmental services supplier, helping industrial, commercial and institutional companies solve their toughest environmental challenges. Our network of solid and liquid waste material recovery, recycling, destruction, treatment, storage and disposal facilities provide a number of different environmental services:

Transformer Oil

Our company owns and operates a concrete contained, geosynthetic membrane transformer oil tank farm for long or short-term transformer oil storage. We are also capable of safely filling, draining, refilling, transporting and disposing of small or large quantities of transformer oil Canada-wide. To guarantee complete protection, our fleet of transformer oil tankers and trucks use a portable "spill containment berm" enabling their full volume to be contained in the case of an emergency spill or rupture. For transformer oil filling, our team helps you to select the best transformer oil to meet your needs, whether its new paraffinic or naphthenic based oil, like new MODEF 60 transformer oil or silicone fluid. Our Ministry of the Environment (MOE) certified environmental services facility treats and refines used transformer oil to completely eradicate PCB content or other contaminants, so as to safely and permanently dispose of it, or render it for reuse or re-sale in the transformer market. To find out more about our transformer oil services, our other environmental services, or our Ontario hazardous waste services, please contact us.

Transformer Site Services

To save Canadian institutional, industrial and commercial businesses valuable time and money, Aevitas provides transformer site services. Our transformer site service technicians are fully equipped to service any type of PCB contaminated, or non-PCB transformer, including:

  • Perchloroethylene PCB transformers
  • Pure PCB (askarel) transformers
  • Mineral oil tranformers
  • Silicone fluid transformers

Our transformer site services include transformer draining, transformer dismantling, and PCB transformer retrofill which, through the process of draining, flushing and refilling, helps to reduce transformer PCB contamination. We transport containerized or bulk degasified transformer oil for top-ups or refilling: MODEF60 type I, silicone fluid, paraffinic based or naphthenic based transformer oil. For more information on MODEF60 please click here. To learn more about our transformer site services, our Ontario hazardous waste services, or our other environmental services, please contact us today.

PCB On-site Services

From long-term integrated services for full-scale decommissioning projects, to mobile equipment for short-term projects, our PCB on-site services are customized to serve our client’s unique environmental needs. Our PCB on-site services are suitable for PCB contaminated capacitors, ballasts, paints, transformer oil / askarel fluid, solvents, caulking, debris, soil, and electrical transformers and equipment. Depending on the material from which PCBs are to be eliminated, we implement incineration, vapour degreasing and dechlorination processes. Aevitas specializes in tackling high hazard PCB decontamination challenges, and provides each of our clients:

  • In-house laboratory testing of PCB destroyed materials to ensure government compliance.
  • Certificate of PCB destruction (within 60 days of PCB destruction project).
  • Decommissioning and deregistering of PCB storage sites.
  • PCB hazardous waste audit, sampling, testing and weighing
  • Government compliant draining, packaging, labeling and transportation of PCB contaminated materials.

Give us a call to learn more about our PCB on-site services, our other environmental services, or our Ontario hazardous waste services.

Mercury Recovery

We provide customized mercury recovery solutions for the management of all styles of liquid or solid mercury bearing waste. Our mercury recovery process adheres to strict government and environmental regulations. We own and operate the only approved mercury retort in Canada which allows us to safely capture elemental mercury from:

  • Mercury containing blood pressure units
  • Mercury contaminated soil
  • Mercury containing fluorescent lamps
  • Mercury containing thermostats
  • Mercury containing switches
  • And other mercury bearing devices

We have participated in many of mercury recovery programs, including a mercury arch valve decommissioning project in which we designed and manufactured customized hazardous waste material containers to safely transport 37 mercury arch valve components. As a result we were able to recover 1,800 kilograms of elemental mercury and recycle over 400,000 kilograms of decontaminated metal. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our mercury recovery services, our other environmental services, or our Ontario hazardous waste services.

Analytical & Testing Services

Our analytical and testing services provide our institutional, commercial and industrial clients the reliable data they require. Our analytical and testing services can be applied to liquid waste, contaminated soil and sites, brownfield sites, PCB contaminated materials, effluent (landfill, mining, industrial etc.), solid waste, wastewater and much more. Our analytical and testing services are in full compliance with standards established by:

  • Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Ontario (MOE)
  • Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME)
  • Canadian Environmental Protection Act
  • Provincial Water Quality Objectives (PWQO)
  • Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Municipal Industrial Strategy for Abatement (MISA), for industrial effluent regulation

To learn more about our dependable analytical and testing services, give our environmental services professionals a call today.

Lab Pack Services

We help commercial, institutional and industrial organizations whose manufacturing processes, on-site laboratories or maintenance practices generate harmful chemicals and agents. Our lab pack services ensure the safe removal and disposal of unwanted or obsolete materials on a one-time, on-call or regularly scheduled basis. Our lab pack services include:

  • Waste inventory: our chemists / technicians will segregate and inventory all lab waste streams.
  • Waste manifesting: we will label, manifest and package all lab wastes.
  • Waste removal and transportation: we will package your lab waste into closable, leakproof, puncture resistant and appropriately labeled containers, and safely transfer them to one of our approved facilities for safe disposal.
  • Waste profiling: we will profile your chemical waste for proper identification and segregation.
  • Waste classification: we will classify your lab waste in accordance with applicable provincial and federal regulations and determine the best treatment process for disposal.

Our friendly and knowledgeable lab pack services technicians are ready to help, so give us a call! And don’t forget to ask about our Ontario hazardous waste services, or our other environmental services too.

Transportation Services

Our organization's transportation service vehicles are equipped to recycle or dispose of all types of commercial, institutional and industrial waste, including hazardous, regulated, PCB, inorganic, organic, liquid, contaminated soil, electrical equipment, oily water, wastewater, sludge, solids, transformer oil, mercury, lab chemicals, and spent batteries and lamps. Our fleet of 100+ trailers and power units are equipped with spill kits and secondary containment systems to capture any volume of waste material in the unlikely event of a release while in transit. Our transportation services team of logistics professionals are focused on providing safe and reliable transportation in compliance with government regulations across Canada. We use a variety of transportation methods:

  • Rail
  • Van trailers
  • Straight trucks
  • Rolloffs
  • End dumps
  • Flat decks
  • Tankers
  • Vacuum trucks
  • Power wash services
  • Drop offs

To transport your small or large volume bulk waste in pails, drums, totes or gaylord containers, get in touch with us, and don’t forget to ask about our other environmental services, and our Ontario hazardous waste services as well!

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